Terrorism Tracker is a collaborative project between The Risk Advisory Group plc and Aon; two market leaders in assessing terrorist threats and managing terrorism risks for business.

Since 2007, Terrorism Tracker data has provided an empirical basis for the country ratings on the Aon Terrorism & Political Violence Map.  As a powerful tool designed, managed and used by Risk Advisory analysts, Terrorism Tracker is now available for use by risk managers and security professionals in international businesses, underwriters, government agencies, international organisations, military, law enforcement and the academic community.

The Terrorism Tracker Incidents dataset dates back to 1 January 2007. It records and maps every terrorist attack and plot recorded in open sources and is updated on a daily basis by Risk Advisory’s expert analysts and researchers. Each incident and plot is researched individually, and only included in the dataset if they are consistent with our definition of terrorism and can be corroborated or are reported in reputable and usually reliable open sources. Incidents are added daily, located and displayed on Google MapsTM and indexed by target, tactics, sectors affected, and other taxonomies for data retrieval and analysis.

Terrorism Tracker Analytics provides additional tools to analyse the database and patterns in terrorist violence by country and business sector.

Terrorism Tracker Articles aim to provide insightful analysis on terrorism related developments. Our analysis is primarily intended for a professional risk management audience. The searchable archive of analysis and articles dates back to 10 October 2008.

Terrorism Tracker is one of several intelligence products Risk Advisory provides to international businesses, international organisations and governments to help them understand and manage political violence and security risks.

Terrorism Tracker Tools & Features

Terrorism Tracker is an open source intelligence tool to analyse terrorist related activity, identify trends and patterns, and provide an empirical basis to make accurate terrorism threat and risk assessments. Terrorism Tracker includes articles and analysis by Risk Advisory experts who monitor, research, analyse and assess terrorist activity and other political violence risks on a daily basis.

The website is comprised of five core features:

1. The incidents and plots database and mapping
2. Articles and analysis
3. Analytics
4. Group Profiles
5. Email alerts

Many of these features interact with each other to enable users to find relevant information, analyse, retrieve and map data, read expert analysis and stay abreast of threat warnings and terrorism related developments.

To learn more about how to use Terrorism Tracker, see our User Guide.

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Aon has developed a unique approach to terrorism risk management, combining expert consulting with the most appropriate risk transfer solutions. Aon’s specialist Crisis Management division provides integrated risk mitigation management and transfer solutions against terrorism, political risk, kidnap for ransom, extortion, product contamination and recall. Aon is the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance brokerage, and human capital consulting, delivering distinctive client value through its 65,000 colleagues and over 500 offices in more than 120 countries.

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